a bit about me

Writing about myself… Do I have to? I mean this entire blog is about me, right?

Okay, fine, I will. I like lists so here ya go:

  • I love the mountains. So much.
  • Ice cream is a must.
  • New Zealand has my heart.
  • I have an a pup named iyla.
  • Rock climbing is my jam.
  • Hammocks are also my jam.
  • Longboarding!
  • Game nights.
  • I think I am funny.
  • I am clumsy.
  • I like a good conversation.
  • I do not like chocolate cake.
  • My arms are double jointed.
  • Writing this blog scares me.
  • I would rather be brave.

Welp, there you have it. That’s as far as this goes. At least for now.