a bit about me

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This blog is my process of telling my story, embracing bravery and helping others do the same. So, since you’ll learn all about me in this blog, I’ll leave you with these few tidbits:

  • I love the mountains. So much.
  • Ice cream is a must.
  • New Zealand has my heart.
  • I have an a pup named iyla.
  • Rock climbing is my jam.
  • Hammocks are also my jam.
  • Longboarding!
  • Game nights.
  • I think I am funny.
  • I am clumsy.
  • I like a good conversation.
  • I do not like chocolate cake.
  • My arms are double jointed.
  • Writing this blog scares me.
  • I would rather be brave.

There you have it, feel free to send me to ice cream gift cards.

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