Step into bravery is my way of telling my story and embracing bravery along the way. I hope that this blog also encourages others to acknowledge bravery in their own lives and share it with those around them. 

You’ll be learning all about me while reading this blog, so I’ll leave you with these few tidbits: 

  • I love mountains. 
  • Ice cream is my favorite.
  • French fries are also my favorite.
  • New Zealand has my heart.
  • I have an a pup named iyla.
  • Rock climbing is my jam.
  • Hammocks are fantastic.
  • Games. Game nights. That’s all.
  • I think I am funny.
  • I am clumsy, like really clumsy.
  • I like a good conversation.
  • I do not like chocolate cake.
  • My arms are double jointed.
  • I have five tattoos. For now.
  • Writing this blog scares me.
  • I would rather be brave.

Welp, there you have it. Thank you for reading, thank you for sharing, and feel free to send me to ice cream gift cards.

Yours truly,