be proud.

The month of June is known as pride month, in which events take place across the nation to celebrate and honor LGBTQ+ people. Parades, parties, dances, concerts; a long list of opportunities to come together as a community.

I love pride. It’s the time where I feel accepted the most and where I don’t have to try and explain who I am because others around me simply just get it. It’s encouraging and uplifting to see and feel a spirit of inclusion.

During pride month, I also find an influx of blogs and articles arguing anything and everything against pride. One of these stuck out to me in particular; the writer stating that there should not be a pride month because being prideful is sinful.

This is missing the point of pride.

Pride is not a time where we think we are better than someone else, it’s not about ego or being conceited. It’s about being who you are and having confidence within that. It’s about being accepted by others and doing the same. Pride is a time where we celebrate that no matter what we have been through, we are able to say, I am me and you are you.

Pride is about inclusiveness not boastfulness.

The point is to be confident in who you are. Regardless of sex, gender, nationality, religion, culture, or whatever it may be that makes you, you. Whether it’s June, November or February, be proud of who you are because you are beautiful and unique, and you deserve to be celebrated.

I am me. I am proud of who I have become and who I will be. 

Get out there. Be you and be proud.


  1. Such a beautiful and powerful message. Being proud and aware of who you and and how long you’ve come along is a beautiful reason to celebrate!

  2. Awesome post!

    LGBTQ folks have been forced for centuries to endure repression, prejudice and discrimination.Now we have finally begun to get past such ignorance, its only right that that community can celebrate who they really are and be amongst people just like them. If it helps you and others like you find somewhere you feel you belong and included, then there is nothing sinful about that.

    I am proud of who I am; a liberal, slightly insane geek. Never let anyone tell you that its wrong to celebrate who you are. The world show love, respect and appreciate Brooke. And those who don’t…well its their loss.

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