Your life had ended before it started, and there’s no answer as to why. I think about you daily and wish that it would have been different.

I will never be able to hold your tiny fingers in mine, watch you take some of your first steps or hear you say your first words. My heart aches that your mom will not have a first day of school drop off or a dance recital to attend, to see you grow and become the person you were meant to be.

We are lost in wonder as to what would have been. Would you have been sassy and silly like your sister or an animal lover like your mom? Would you have loved sports? What would have been your favorite food, or your favorite subject in school?

Allana, you are missed, you are loved and you will forever be in our hearts. You can fly now, like a butterfly fluttering in the wind, your presence, the most delicate hello. Every year on your birthday, we will release butterflies in honor of your tiny soul, remembering and wondering what could have been.

Dance in heaven, little butterfly.

See you again.



Auntie Brooke

My beautiful sister was 35 weeks pregnant with Allana when unexpectedly her tiny heart stopped beating and she was born stillborn on August 6, 2018. She will be cherished, missed, and one day seen again. 

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  1. My words are insufficient to express my sorrow for your loss and your sister’s loss. Truly the most heartbreaking thing I have read in a long time but your words are beautiful and meaningful too. I hope you and your sister are doing as well as can be expected. Take care of each other.

    Rest in Peace, little one.

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