dear dad.

To all my fathers: Happy Father’s Day.

To my birth dad,

I don’t know if you celebrated Father’s Day before I met you, I can only assume you didn’t. I can still remember the day we met at that coffee shop, and can nearly replay every moment. I am so thankful that you were willing to meet me. You passed along your killer eyebrows and witty sense of humor to me along with “her father’s eyes,” as it says in my baby book. Thank you for accepting me, loving me and including me in your family. I look forward to getting to know you more over many pints of ice cream and rollercoaster rides. I love you.

To my adopted dad,

We haven’t talked in many years. The last time I saw you was painful, but if it weren’t for that time, I wouldn’t have found my voice and I wouldn’t have started to write. And so for that, I thank you. I hope that someday at family functions you will acknowledge my presence instead of ignoring it. I hope that you can find the strength to move forward instead of holding onto the past. I would love for you to be a grandpa to my future children, but that decision is up to you. When I have reached out to talk, I’ve either been ignored or threatened, and so the ball is in your court, dad. You have to choice to have a relationship with me. I welcome it and am waiting.

To all my other dads,

There are so many of you. My gratefulness for your help, support, and presence often goes unsaid, so a long overdue thank you is necessary. You taught me how to drive, celebrated my graduation from college, and let me crash your family holiday get togethers. Thank you for being there for me in the simplest and hardest of times. Thank you for telling me ridiculous dad jokes and thank you for teaching me how to strap a paddle board to my car. To each of you, Happy Father’s Day, you each mean so much to me.


Your daughter.


  1. I am one of the Others and I am deeply, profoundly, (and sometimes hysterically!) glad, honored, and blessed that you are my foster daughter in every way (except in the “eyes of the law”!). On my blog — you are there; with the pictures of the family — you are there (over my desk at work); in my conversations with students and colleagues — you are there.

    Love you, Brookie T…(I won’t WRITE the rest, but you know the nickname!), One of the Dads

  2. You can feel the emotion in these messages to all your dads, so powerful.

    Sounds like you’ve got the good and bad of what fathers can offer. Regardless of how some of them currently feel, I hope one day they will ALL accept you for who you are and appreciate that you are a wonderful, sensitive and awesome soul.

    I’m really glad you got to experience the good of dads too, sound like some really goiod guys there! My own is amazing and it pains me that not everyone has had that in their lives but I’m glad you have.

    Stay awesome Brooke.

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