dear mom.

To all my mothers: Happy Mother’s Day.

To my birth mom,

I know Mother’s Day is hard for you, just as it is for me. I grew up thinking about you on this day hoping you, too, were thinking about me. I wanted to thank you for bringing me into this world, tell you what was happening in my life, and ask you what was going on in yours. I want you to know that I love you and that you have a place in my heart that no one can ever replace. I often cry on Mother’s Day because we missed out on so many years. I wish you had stacks of cards with misspelled letters and stick drawings that I would have given you each year. I wish you could have been there for my school graduations and piano recitals, cheering me on, proud of my accomplishments. But, I know you now and although it’s been only 10 years since we’ve reunited, I am so thankful to develop a relationship and celebrate Mother’s Day with you.

To my adopted mom,

I’m sure you will doubt these words, but I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day. I hope that you think of me; I still think of you. We haven’t spoken in over a decade and I don’t know if we will ever have that opportunity again, that is up to you. I wish you would have been there when I graduated college, when I got my first job, when I had my breakdown. I wish I could call you up and talk, that you could see who I am today, and I could do the same with you. Mother’s Day brings these hurts to the forefront, and there still are days I long to have my mom back. But, I have chosen to forgive you and live a fulfilling life. I love you still, mom, and I wish you felt the same.

To all my other moms,

To the women that have been a mother to me throughout the years, Happy Mother’s Day. Some of you have been in my life for many years, while some only a few. I want to thank you. Thank you for supporting me, walking along side me, and believing in me when I felt so completely alone. Thank you for treating me as your own and letting me do the same. I have the word daughter tattooed on my arm, a collection of letters written by each of you, reminding me how much I am loved and cared for. I hope this Mother’s Day you feel loved and cared for much like you have made me feel. Thank you for loving me. I love you.


Your daughter.


  1. You are strong and wise…thanks for sharing…if a parent can love more than one child, then a child can love more than one parent…research has suggested that individuals who can empathize tend to have positive mental health, job performance, and leadership skills, enjoy better relationships with others and greater well-being through life.

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