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Proud Of Who I Am

A blog discussing the complexity of adoption and highlighting the stories of adoptees.

My story has given me the ability to understand and relate to so many emotions. I have chosen to use my story to help others and in the process I am able to heal as well. Each season of life brings its own challenges, but if adoption has taught me one thing, it’s that I am a fighter, and I never ever give up.

 Half The Story

A movement aimed at showing more than just one side on social media.

I don’t want anxiety to be the middle name anymore: the invisible, the unsaid, the forgotten. It needs to be acknowledged, and it needs to be talked about.

 Real Life Unicorns

A collection of unique and rare stories about life’s rare moments.

Scrolling through pictures, I could have mistaken them for a few of mine; we had the same eyes and eyebrows. It was him. It was real. I found my Dad.