get real.

There is often an unspoken expectation that we have to have it all together; a job that bring us complete fulfillment, a relationship that is straight from the movies, and a family that experiences nothing but happiness and laughter.

But this is far from reality.

We all struggle.

Relationships aren’t picture perfect, jobs can be draining, and every family has their share of drama. It’s simply part of the human experience. If we all share in this, why do we walk around trying to keep it all a secret, as if struggles equate us to being failures in today’s society?

What if it was different?

What if we took the time to be vulnerable with others? That instead of putting on a front, instead of keeping things beneath the surface of exposure, we let people see behind the perfect portrait. We let them see the cracks, examine the frays and observe the broken edges.

What would life look like if we were real?

When we communicate on a peer level with vulnerability present, our trust grows, our souls connect and the potential for deeper and more meaningful relationships increases. It opens up a world of I feel the same way and me too which results in a feeling of shared experience and emotion.

How refreshing would it feel to have a conversation that left you feeling less alone? How renewing would it feel to talk with someone who truly understands how you feel?

Next time you find yourself in a conversation that has the potential to go deeper, take that leap of bravery. Maybe it’ll open up an exchange of words your soul has been longing to hear. Maybe, just maybe, getting real will have the ability to help you grow into the person you truly are.

It’s time to get real.


  1. It is of paramount importance for each of us to recognize who is a true friend, a friend with depth, one who shares and also one who listens and who truly cares. It is all do easy to choose friends with whom to DO things, as opposed to those with whom you can BE.

  2. This brings to mind Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly. Vulnerability is the base of any meaningful relationship.

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