i think it’s time.

I’m tired of being quiet; of nodding my head in silent, but fake, agreement. I’m tired of people prefacing conversations with the statement, “this is coming from a place of love,” somehow giving them a free pass to say whatever they want, no matter the repercussions. I’m tired of being told my decisions are wrong, my “choices” are invalid or that somehow I am not living up to my full potential, embracing all that God has to offer. I’m tired of hiding, afraid of the judgement and ridicule that so often seem to accompany the intersection of religion and sexuality.

I’m ready to break my silence. I’m ready to stand firm, not wavering, hiding behind the mask of an apathetic soul. I’m ready to trade in the anxiety, panic attacks, and sleepless nights for reassurance, peace, and restfulness. I’m ready to exert with confidence that, regardless of my sexuality, I am fully and wholly accepted by God.

I’m accepting and embracing my true self. I’m accepting that reactions regarding sexuality may meet me with open arms or a turned back. I’m accepting that I can let go of those who have unintentionally hurt me and see the commonality of humanity we all share. I’m accepting that God does not look at me with that of judgment, rather grasps me with a love so encompassing, I find myself overwhelmed with and ironic sense of peace.

I choose to see humanity. I choose to see individuality. I choose to see love.

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