i’m positive.

If there is one thing I know I’m an expert at, it’s focusing on the negative. I have the tendency to look at my past with a cynical view, letting the bad speak over the good and the ups be silenced by the downs. I’ve found myself in the cycle of ignoring the positive memories when they come to the surface, pushing them into the back of my mind, refusing to give them any recognition.

Until recently.

I was met with a blatant reminder to shift my perspective after I spent time conversing with a friend and reminiscing about the past. We remembered the good times, the happy memories, the moments filled with laughter and lightheartedness. I began to feel my grasp on the negative loosen and room was made for uplifting and affirming memories that had begun to emerge.

That conversation left more of an impact than I had realized, and I find myself thinking back to it often. Although it may prove difficult at times, remembering the positive and not always focusing on the negative is very beneficial. The more power we give to the bad, the louder it speaks, making it easier to deafen the voice of the good. The more we focus on the negativity, the more we will see it, getting sucked into it’s contagious and toxic worldview.

Take the time to find the positive.

Choosing to remember and find the positive doesn’t mean that the negative is null or bad things won’t happen. Life is a mix of ups and downs and everyone will experience times of hardship and pain. The difference is not letting those times dictate how life is navigated, recognizing that there are still times of good.

Find that thing that helps change the perspective; a conversation with a friend, a night of laughter with family, a journaling session over a cup of coffee. Whatever it is, hold onto it and lean into it, listening to the positivity that begins to speak. It has the ability to become a narrator of life; the capability of allowing it to be truly lived instead of just survived.

Find the good. It’s life changing, and for that, I’m positive.

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