the first step.

Welcome to Step Into Bravery.

I started this blog as a collection of stories about adoption, mental health and sexuality as a way to process, heal and grow from my own story. I hope, that by sharing my story, others may find familiarity, may find hope and may continue to grow in bravery.

Will you join me? Together, we can spread bravery, acknowledging both baby steps and big leaps, individuality and uniqueness, community and support. Let’s share our stories and support each other. One brave step at a time.


  1. You are so strong for sharing this with us, I know how hard it is to open up about this sort of thing to even one person. Doing this in front of the whole world is such a brave thing, keep it up, you are doing great!
    I would really love it if you would take part in the Three days, three quotes challenge
    I have found this a good way of sharing some of my thoughts through the words of others.

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