this is hard.

This post won’t take up much of your time. There isn’t much I am able to say right now and although it may look as if it took only a minute to write, I have spent the last couple weeks mulling over exactly what to say.

Writing my story is hard for me. There are many memories from my life that I have blocked or shut out and since I have started writing, some of them have begun to resurface. The emotional response I receive from those recollections is overwhelming and can easily shut me down. The telling of a story and being able to fully own it are separate, and bridging that gap can be difficult.

It would be easy to stop writing and continue to hide behind the mask of having it all together. But then I looked at the name of my blog: Step Into Bravery.


I know this story is mine for a reason and I wasn’t meant to keep quiet about it like I have for so long. I chose to embark on this journey of healing and self-discovery. Turning back now would surely result in disappointment and regret while illustrating a lack of bravery that I have so desperately wanted to grasp.

So, I’ll take my own advice on this one. Don’t give up. Keeping pursuing your goals, hopes and dreams, even when it feels easier to stop. Surround yourself with others who support and encourage you. Lean on them. Believe in yourself. Give yourself grace.

Walk towards bravery, one step at a time. 



  1. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be be Brooke. But you are right. Keep stepping into bravery. Patience and perseverance with yourself. You’ve got this!
    Karen W.

  2. An emotional set back is understandable. Take your time, we’re ready to hear, when you’re ready!

  3. Each of us has a story to tell. I love that sentence. It’s definitely a process to think through, revisit our own stories. May freedom come to you as you do and be amazed at the freedom that your story will bring others. May each one of us be brave to own our own story and tell it. Bless you honey 🙂 Love Bobbi

  4. You are beyond brave! You are brave to feel and brave to sit in your emotion. I am so honored to call you friend! Keep telling, keep pushing, keep being your true self and NEVER feel ashamed of your journey. Love you!

  5. I’m so glad you commented on my blog so that it would lead me to yours. I have found such inspiration in your honesty, reading your blog this morning.

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