Life is…well, different right now. We are all struggling to acclimate to this new life. We are holding onto any sense of normalcy while attempting to settle into this unprecedented monotony. We are met daily with a barrage of heavy information, searching for an ounce of good news, grasping onto any scrap of certainty.

It feels nearly impossible to be not overcome by it all. Our minds are running stress marathons and anxiety has opened its jaws and swallowed us whole. Grief grips our hearts, its weight scaling out the hope we so desperately are trying to hold onto. We understand the importance and necessity of isolating from one another yet feel the emptiness of knowing it’s against human nature to be secluded.

It’s hard to find a silver lining in all of this, it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It can feel like it’s too much.

I’m not writing this to share a solution to the stress; I don’t have that answer, nor am I searching for it. I’m not here to give tips, share quarantine activities, or tell you how to plan out each of your days.

I’m writing to share that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed and stressed, to be scared, to feel helpless and lost.

We haven’t experienced something like this before. We don’t have an inventory of tools that we can use to cope, we don’t have a map to help us navigate through this situation. Everything is new and we are struggling to draw up blueprints and find a way out of this winding maze.

If today feels heavy, it’s okay. If you feel overcome in the unknown, it’s okay. If today presents itself with anxiety and grief, it’s okay. Today might be tough. That’s what today holds.

If all you can do right now is focus on making it through today, that’s okay.

Let today bring today, tomorrow bring tomorrow. And, day by day, we will get through this.

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