walking away.


It sucks.

Doubt is that feeling that drains motivation, making dreams feel unachievable. It’s that sneaky inner dialogue stuck on repeat, you can’t do this, and you’re not good enough. It smothers the fire of passion and drive, leaving behind only the ashes of half pursued dreams.

I struggle with this a lot.

I strive to have a rewarding life; a career I’m passionate about, a supportive circle of friends and family, a life full of adventure and wonder. But almost as soon as those thoughts and dreams seem tangible, they are squandered by that menacing five letter word.

Doubt has had the ability to stay so prominent in my life because I have given silence to the opposite. I keep my goals to myself, preventing the assumed disappointment from others if I don’t achieve said dreams. If I do speak them out loud, there is hesitation and uncertainty in my voice, a way of protecting myself from disappointment.

I don’t want to live life like this.

Instead of keeping dreams, aspirations and goals hidden within my mind, I’m going to speak them out loud with confidence. Rather than letting doubt paralyze me, I’m going to let it push me towards growth.

Next time someone asks what I want to do for a career, I’ll try and respond with courage and tenacity. I’ll approach my friends with vulnerability trusting that they truly care for me. I’ll say yes when that unknown opportunity is presented, welcoming an unforeseen adventure. Easy tasks? Not one bit. But, worth the risk? I think so.

Goodbye doubt, I’m walking away. I won’t miss you, you’ve already taken up too much of my time.

I’m walking into a new era of life, and it’s a life I plan to live fully.


  1. This was genuine so moving and relatable. Doubt can be one of the worst things to deal with. I often doubt whether I’m good enough for everyone else whilst ignoring whether I’m good enough for myself. Doubt holds us back and makes us believe we just are worth love, life or success. I’m so happy and glad to read that you are moving past doubt, telling it to get lost and embracing your innate awesomeness!

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