what if.

My only intention in writing this blog is to share my story from a place of bravery and healing. I have come to realize that there is more to my writing than to just process. My story has a purpose, a purpose of raising awareness about the truth of adoption with a goal of seeing a change within the system.

One of my goals is to bring to light the lack of adoptees’ access to records and information. I’ve written about this before in it’s a lie and one hundred, explaining that there are laws that prevent an adoptee from accessing documents. Many of us do not have access to original birth certificates, family history or adoption proceedings. Some states have begun to eradicate these laws, but most still have restricted access to this information.

Without the ability to access records, a lot of adoptees turn to DNA testing to try and find answers. Advances in technology allow testing to become easily accessible with results readily obtainable. It has provided a breakthrough for many adoptees who can finally find answers to the questions they have had their whole life.

I can’t help but wonder, though, why this service isn’t provided free of charge or offered at a lower price for adoptees. For many, DNA testing is a final attempt; a last-ditch effort to find someone they are related to.

If big companies such as AncestryDNA® and 23andMe were to give low or no cost testing to adoptees, they could potentially provide answers for so many people. 

Think of the impact the could have for thousands of seeking adoptees.

DNA testing companies have the capacity to help so many people put missing pieces of their lives together, it’s the basis of what the companies do.

So, AncestryDNA® and 23andMe, what if you took it a step further? What if you provided free or discounted testing to adoptees? Imagine you help them access information that has been denied to them their whole life. What if you helped an adoptee find their mother, brother, daughter or father?

What if?


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