year of you.

It’s officially a new year, and it’s time for new resolutions; setting goals to try and become the newer, better version of ourselves. But, how many of us actually follow through? Every year that I’ve made a resolution, I start out strong; going to the gym often, eating salads and veggies, embracing the new year, new you mantra. But, then March comes along, and I miss french fries all too much and my tennis shoes are starting to stink.

So, this year, my resolution looks a little different than trying to go to yoga and choking down chalky smoothies. Instead, I’m choosing to take care of my emotional self, I’m going to stop comparing.

We live in a society built on comparing. It’s the basis of social media, advertising and consumerism. There’s a “standard” for everything; a bar that’s set too high and forever out of reach. Someone will always have more money than you, more stuff than you and look prettier than you.

Constantly comparing goes hand in hand with not feeling good enough. I do this all the time. I spend more time comparing myself to others than getting to know the true me. I’ve set what others are achieving as my own standard of success instead of acknowledging that I don’t actually want to be in their position. The result? Feelings of inadequacy, self doubt and discouragement.

I’m going to stop comparing. I’m going to stop spending time thinking of how I should be and start spending time being how I am. I’m going to set my own standard of success, based on what gives me happiness and fulfillment.

It’s a year to focus on being confident in who you are, embracing your unique and one-of-a-kind self. It’s a process of learning to believe in yourself, knowing that you are good enough. It’s a time to hold onto your success, acknowledging all that you have and can achieve.

It’s a year of you. 

Now, let’s do this.


  1. Acknowledging and celebrating who God made you is one of several keys to happiness in life.

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